What Matters Most

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When faced with impossible choices, how do you decide what matters most?

For ten years, the incorruptible Tribune Titianus enforced Rome’s laws. He’s four days from leaving the Urban Cohort to teach at his brother-in-law Kaeso’s school when Emperor Hadrian and the Praetorian Prefect draft him to secretly investigate and thwart an assassination plot…one that might involve his own commander. He can’t refuse, but if Hadrian’s enemies discover his Christian faith, will it mean death for everyone he loves?

Titianus’s cousin Sabina returns as a widow to her father’s house after six years of misery in a marriage that sealed a political alliance. She’s dreading the next marriage Grandfather will arrange with someone seeking his support. When her brother’s best friend Kaeso offers the encouragement and friendship she’s longed for, can she escape the chains of society’s expectations to gain what her heart desires?

The new tribune Glabrio wants two things as Titianus trains him: to discover for their commander who Titianus is investigating and to gain the support of Titianus’s powerful relatives. Marrying Sabina would secure the backing of her grandfather, but because of the teacher, she’s making choices no noblewoman should. As he gets closer to both his goals, will he realize in time what matters most?

Light in the Empire Series: Dangerous times, difficult friendships, lives transformed by forgiveness and love

What Matters Most is the eleventh volume in the Light in the Empire series, which follows the interconnected lives of the members of several Roman families during the reigns of Trajan and Hadrian. The fourteen novels of the stand-alone series will take you around the Empire, from Germania and Britannia to Thracia, Dacia, Judaea, North Africa, and, of course, to Rome itself.

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Volume 1: Forgiven Are some wounds too deep to forgive?

Volume 2: Blind Ambition Sometimes you have to almost die to discover how you want to live.

Volume 3: The Legacy When Rome has taken everything, what’s left for a man to give?

Volume 4: Faithful Is the price of true friendship ever too high?

Volume 5: Second Chances Must the shadows of the past destroy the hope of the future?

Volume 6: True Freedom The chains we cannot see can be the hardest ones to break.

Volume 7: Hope Unchained Can the deepest loss bring the greatest gain?

Volume 8: Honor Bound Honor had forced him to protect her. Time would tell if he’d regret it.

Volume 9: Hope’s Reward Must the secrets we hide destroy our hope for a future?

Volume 10: More Than Honor
As he hunts the one who killed her father, will he discover the secret that could lead to her death?

Volume 11: What Matters Most When faced with impossible choices, how do you decide what matters most?

Volume 12: Truth and Honor Is truth worth the price if it costs you everything?

Relationships between the Light in the Empire Novels
Lists and charts of the times, locations, and people in the different novels. All can be read stand-alone, but you might enjoy reading some together because of what they share.

Important aspects of Roman history for each can be found in the short articles at the end of each novel linked here and in longer articles in this website.

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